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    At La Tortilleria we are passionate about Fresh and Authentic Mexican Food. That is the essence of what we are - but we go beyond that. 

    Our restaurants have become a heaven for Mexican food lovers. You can count on genuine service, a welcoming atmosphere and fresh, delicious and rich flavoured authentic Mexican foods. 

    Our quality products are prepared using only fresh, natural ingredients and passion. You can savour the rich and authentic colours, textures and taste that go into crafting and preparing each of our products.

    We are more than a restaurant

    We are a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of quality Mexican foods. You will find our products in all of our locations, as well as high end grocery retail stores and many other restaurants. Our goal is to bring our taste, joy and culture into the homes of Canadian families doing what we do best, Great Food.

    Our products are fresh, made daily, authentic and great tasting. We strive towards excellence and bringing smiles to our customers.

    Muchas Gracias,

    La Tortilleria

    Head office: 817 Kipling Ave. Toronto, ON  Tel. 416.546.5516


    Dufferin St/Bloor: 1009 Dufferin St. Toronto, ON Tel. 416-901-7842

    Queensway: 817 Kipling Ave. Toronto, ON Tel. 416-231-3015