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     If you are looking to bring your Mexican food to the next level we offer the best prices and quality of dry chiles, spices, seasonings and more. 

    Dry Chiles
    -Guajillo Chile
    -Chipotle Chile
    -Morita Chile
    -Ancho Chile
    -New Mexico Chile
    -Chile de Arbol
    -Pasilla Chile
    -Piquin Chile
    -Mulato Chile
    -Cascabel Chile

    Mexican Mole
    -Mole Rojo
    -Mole Verde

    Spices and Seasonings
    -Achiote Paste
    -Guajillo Chile Grounded 
    -Chipotle Chile Grounded
    -Ancho Chile Grounded
    -Chile de Arbol Grounded
    -Flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower)
    -Mexican Whole Oregano
    -Mexican Cinnamon Sticks
    -Epazote (Wormseed)

    -Black Turtle Beans
    -Pinto Beans
    -White Rice
    -Parboiled Rice

    -White Corn Flour
    -Yellow Corn Flour
    -Corn Flour for Chips