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    Fresh Ideas

    Huevos Divorciados (Divorced Eggs)

    If you love a good Mexican breakfast, you must try Huevos Divorciados, a traditional recipe that is just plain tasty! Huevos Divorciados “each egg going its separate way”, is an authentic Mexican egg dish featuring two sunny side up eggs served with two different salsas and nestled on two separate crispy tortillas.
    Slightly fry a couple of Fresh Corn Nixtamal Tortillas with olive oil for one minute each side. Prepare 2 sunny side up eggs. Place the Fresh Corn Nixtamal Tortillas side by side on a dinner plate, then place a slice of Fresh Panela Cheese on each tortilla and one egg on each tortilla as well. Ladle a half-cup of La Tortilleria Salsa Verde around the egg and half cup of La Tortilleria Salsa Molcajeteada on the second egg.
    Serve your Huevos Divorciados with San Miguel Refried Pinto Beans ready to use and some Mexico Blvd. authentic Nacho Chips.

    Quesadillas de Huitlacoche

    It’s pronounced, Weet-la-KO-che! If it is the first time you hear about it, let us tell that this wonderful and mysterious Mexican dish is considered a delicacy for its rarity in nature, and bestowed the tittle of truffle for its rich and smoky flavour.

    To season the San Miguel Huitlacohe:
    In a nonstick skillet add one teaspoon of olive oil and set it to
    medium heat. Add the San Miguel Huitlacoche, and a stick
    of San Miguel Epazote. Cook for about 3 or 4 minutes.
    Remove from heat and set aside.
    Heat a comal, flat pan or griddle. Warm your Fresh tortillas
    for about 30 seconds to soften. Now on each Fresh Tortilla
    place 2 tablespoons of huitlacohe and one slice of queso
    fresco. Grill until tortilla is toasted on both sides and
    cheese has started to melt.

    Serve your quesadillas with La Tortilleria Salsa Verde or
    Molcajeteada and your choice of Fresh Vegetables.

    Entomatadas Mexicanas

    We know that Entomatadas are hard to find in Mexican restaurants even though they are an authentic and delicious Mexican dish. Now with La Tortilleria Fresh Ideas, we will tell you how to prepare this fast and easy to make Traditional dish.

    To make the salsa:
    Cut the tomatoes in half and place in a blender, cut the jalapeño
    in half,
     removing the veins and seeds. Place in the blender as well.
    Add three cups of water, a pinch of salt, garlic and cumin.
    Puree until smooth. Now, in a nonstick skillet, add a little
    oil and cook the salsa.
    Add to the salsa one or two San Miguel Chipotle in Adobo peppers
    and leave in low heat for about 5 minutes.

    To make the Entomatada:
    To fold your tortillas Warm each Fresh Corn Tortilla for about
    30 seconds -enough to soften but not to become crispy-. Sumerge
    each tortilla in your already made salsa and fold it. Place each
    entomatada on a plate.

    Pour remaining tomato sauce on top of the entomatadas
    to coat evenly. Garnish with some Fresh Panela Cheese
    from La Tortilleria and serve it with a side of San Miguel
    Refried Pinto Beans.